Artisanal cheese dairy Victor Fernandes, Azeitão cheese producer since 1988

About us

The Artisan Cheesery Victor Fernandes is producer of Azeitão cheese since 1988, who started by learning how to make cheese with "Alfredo" famous cheesemaker, best known for “Migalheiro” of Quinta Velha.

Through his knowledge and experience, together with the peculiar geographical conditions of this region: the pastures needed for sheep breeding, as well as an exuberant extraordinary flora, ensured the required milk quality to produce this unique cheese throughout the year.

There are three portuguese counties that benefit from the natural riches of Arrábida mountain range, responsible for providing the singularity of Azeitão cheese, and which are integrated in the demarcated region of this cheese.

  • Quality

    The entire production process is carried out with the highest levels of quality, in order to produce the best Butter and cheese from the region.

  • Award-winning

    Our cheese is recognized worldwide, and is regularly awarded by the most prestigious awards of food products in the world.




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